When I think of the greatness of America, I see the faces of volunteers. Thank you so much! We are so grateful for meeting you.

Mother of four year old female patient

Thank you for supporting and encouraging us for such a long time since the day we arrived in the US. We apologize that we were the most difficult family. We’ll never forget all the things that happened during this half year in LA. We will love each other with the gift from God. We hope we could visit this land again with our grown up daughter some day. With countless thanks.

The family of a three year old female patient

It has been long time since we were taken care of in LA. It was already 11 months ago that my son received a new heart. Fortunately, he has been doing well without any rejections even after returning to Japan. He now drives and is expanding his territory. His dream of having a independent life is almost coming true. I came to the US just wishing to save my son without knowing anything. I am grateful for you deeply for helping us who must have been so burden to you.??Thank you so much.

Mother of 31 year old male patient

Dear Volunteers,
You were dependable supporters for us who could not speak English.
Thank you very much for taking a good care of us until today. See you again.

11 year old male patient